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If, like many people, you feel pushed, frenzied, harried and crazed, project management expert Michael Linenberger is trying to help. He applies his logical engineering background to examining how the typical workday actually functions. He offers a multilayered method for getting a better handle on your day by organizing your tasks, activities and goals more efficiently and precisely. The list-making part of the book is perhaps more concrete and less subjective than subsequent sections on defining your mission and purpose, and aligning your life and your work. Linenberger’s clear goal is to provide an entire package that will help people engage in productive self-discovery, so they can achieve work-life balance and career satisfaction. However, some of his processes seem both old school and a bit complex. Still, getAbstract recommends his very empathetic manual, particularly to those who are new to time management and personal goal setting.


“Controlling Your Workday Now”

Is your work out of control? Do you have too many chores and interruptions, and not enough hours in the day? The “Workday Now” holistic method can help you set priorities and get a handle on your work and your life. This philosophical approach to managing your job, ambitions and career path uses a task list that covers a specific length of time: the present plus about a week in the future. This is your “power period” or “Workday Now Horizon.” Manage it efficiently to enhance your productivity and personal satisfaction. Then, you will be in control.

You can set up the Workday Now method in Microsoft Outlook (Windows version only), beginning with using the Outlook Task tool. You can also set up Workday Now in most word processing programs or in Excel, as well as in MindManager, a brainstorming program. More simply, just putting pen to paper is also an effective way to construct your Workday Now program lists. This will enable you to add these lists to your calendar or planning book.

Creating Your Priority Lists

To begin, write a to-do list of your most pressing chores and responsibilities. Label it “Now Tasks.” Arrange these...

About the Author

Michael Linenberger is a project management expert who helps organizations work more efficiently. He previously headed the U.S. Peace Corps’ Information Technology Department.

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