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“Follow your passion” may be the most banal advice job seekers receive, but many people heed it to their detriment. Unfortunately, chasing your passion turns out not to be relevant to most jobs, though other strong motivations may prevail. Another common delusion is that you can achieve anything – including career success – with willpower. Regrettably, that’s not how things usually work. Willpower is a circumscribed resource that can fade quickly. So what does work? Editor Jocelyn K. Glei gathers a range of astute, practical and relevant career-development articles by respected experts who address a broad range of methods and tactics. They offer multiple productive, realistic paths to career satisfaction and success. getAbstract recommends Glei’s thoughtful compilation of career-enhancement insights, suggestions and guidance to anyone seeking a new, effective approach to job satisfaction and career advancement.  

About the Authors

Founding director of the 99U Conference and editor of – which earned two Webby Awards for best cultural blog – editor Jocelyn K. Glei specializes in the role of creativity and meaning in daily work.



Redefining What Work Means Today

If you are ambitious, think of yourself as a “free radical,” someone who wants and expects to manage his or her own career. As a free radical, you’re resilient. You have genuine power. You’re flexible. You rely completely on yourself. You dislike old boy networks, bureaucracy and fusty business practices. You do your best to work around archaic, confining strictures. 

You believe in transparency. Privacy makes you suspicious. Meritocracy matters. You expect a lot from yourself and from your current employer, just as you did from your past employers and just as you will from your future employers. And, yes, having multiple employers is likely. In today’s world of work, the average person will have 11 different jobs over the course of a career.  

As a free radical, you’re in the process of re-defining what work means today. You want to have a positive impact on the world and on those around you. You’re always ready to move on to another firm if you can no longer develop your skills or make significant contributions. You’re a fan of open-source technology and...

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