Mirror Mirror
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Mirror Mirror

5 Reflections to Clear the Fog and Help You Shine

Julie NeeJulie Nee • 2023

The Power of Self-Compassion

by David Meyer

This actionable framework helps boost your self-love, self-affirmation and kindness to the person in the mirror.

Instead of looking in the mirror and thinking negative thoughts, Julie Nee, co-creator of The Power of Positive Leadership training program, maintains that changing the way you talk to yourself so that you reflect positive perceptions will transform your life. Nee – who is both the author and the publisher 0f this book – empowers you to take ownership of your thoughts and feelings in order to cultivate the self-love that fuels personal growth.


Many people engage in negative self-talk. Nee reveals that 80% of the average person’s daily thoughts are negative, while 95% are repetitive. She sets out a framework to help you recognize the habits that undermine your confidence and to break any negative loops of self-criticism and harmful self-talk.

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