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Move the Ball

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Move the Ball

How the Game of American Football Can Help You Achieve Your Life Goals

End Zone Publishing,

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You win in life the same way you win in football. 

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The parallels between winning in American football and winning in life are striking. In football, you must prepare fully for each upcoming game. In life, success also requires preparing extensively. Jennifer A. Garrett, an executive coach and attorney with extensive corporate experience, dissects football and insightfully details how readers can leverage the game’s lessons to win big in life. Garrett says she knows “football inside and out.” She clearly has vast knowledge, though you might not always concur with her opinions. For example, giving credit to perseverance and practice, she believes talent isn’t what makes the difference between average football players and superstars, yet anyone who played against Bo Jackson, Lawrence Taylor, Randy Moss or Jim Brown might disagree. getAbstract recommends Garrett’s informative, motivational ideas to all those who believe American football demonstrates a lot about how to succeed.


Look to American Football for Life Lessons

Life isn’t easy, and neither is American football. Both require discipline, hard work, sacrifice and dedication to your short-, medium- and long-term goals. To win in football, as in life, you must make hard choices. Success in both endeavors requires developing a smart game plan, organizing an inventive playbook and effectively executing your plays. In football and life, you must be a team player and you must do all you can to win.


Even when resilient teams are down by a few touchdowns, they can still bounce back and win. You need the same resilience, persistence and never-say-die spirit to manage your life, at home and at work. You must beat your opponents and overcome obstacles to come out on top. This means becoming the tough quarterback of your own life and making gutsy plays.

As in football, to be a winner in life, you must believe in yourself. You need to be enthusiastic, energetic and confident. This means never quitting, no matter how tough things may get. To achieve your ...

About the Author

Executive coach, corporate consultant and motivational speaker Jennifer A. Garrett, JD, serves as a Judge Advocate in the Army National Guard. She has five children, holds seven degrees and won the GE Women’s Network Hall of Fame “Real Life Hero” Award. Her experience includes working for the US government and for Fortune 50 Companies such as Boeing and GE.

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    R. A. 4 years ago
    This is my first book on sports and life. <br>Very goods tips on winning.
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    W. A. 5 years ago
    Sports metaphors are always a bit tricky to use for life insights