Summary of Moving from Employee Wellness to Holistic Health

Moving from Employee Wellness to Holistic Health summary

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Looking after people’s well-being has become an important part of the HR function, especially since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. But true well-being doesn’t just mean the absence of a diagnosable condition or illness. Dr. Jarik Conrad, VP of Human Insights at the HR platform UKG, argues that HR departments must play a proactive role in looking after the mental and emotional health of employees, which he sees as the foundation of any well-being initiative. He shares valuable insights about the pandemic and the expanded role of HR departments in an episode of the Punk Rock HR podcast.

About the Podcast

Dr. Jarik Conrad is VP of Human Insights at the HR platform UKG (Ultimate Kronos Group). Punk Rock HR is a podcast hosted by the author and leadership consultant Laurie Ruettimann.


The COVID-19 pandemic exacerbated pre-existing health crises.

COVID-19 affected people in different ways. Some are eager to return to an in-office setting, while others want to keep working from home indefinitely. From a health perspective, the pandemic impacted people differently, too. Some started to exercise more and cook healthy meals at home, while others suffered from increased stress, mental exhaustion and burnout.

The pandemic also exacerbated pre-existing health issues. Already prior to 2020, poor eating habits, a lack of exercise and poor sleep compromised the health of many Americans. In addition, many people were suffering from chronic stress and did not have the headspace to engage at work fully. Although...

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