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Ninja Selling

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Ninja Selling

Subtle Skills. Big Results.

Greenleaf Book Group,

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What's inside?

“Ninja Selling” follows four basic principles: Master yourself, your mind, your emotions and your energy.

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Real estate sales guru Larry Kendall teaches real estate salespeople and others who sell for a living how to increase their sales and their incomes. Sales professionals in every industry can learn from Kendall’s field-tested “Ninja Selling” techniques. Even if you’re in another profession, you could use his methods to reprogram your thinking and enhance your attitude to be more positive. getAbstract recommends this energizing guide to real estate salespeople – in fact, to salespeople in any industry – and everyone whose spirits could use a boost.  


Larry Kendall and “Ninja Selling”

When author Larry Kendall went to work after college, military service, marriage and fatherhood, he believed that “anyone can find a job in commission sales.” Having decided to sell real estate, he attended a huge sales rally in Denver. There, so-called sales experts extolled what he now calls “Depression Era” selling techniques that manipulate, coerce, con and intimidate buyers.

Instead of following that track, Kendall looked for people whose expertise aligned with his character and ethics. He found teachers and mentors who helped him become the kind of sales professional he wanted to be. Eventually, Kendall co-founded The Group, a real estate firm that employs 200 sales associates and operates from six offices in northern Colorado. The Group excels due to Kendall’s popular, effective “Ninja Selling System,” which he teaches to other real estate salespeople. More than 50,000 people who sell real estate have graduated from his program.

The Ninja Selling System

In ancient Japan, samurai swordsmen guarded the emperor. The emperor gave these expert fighters the best clothes, food, accommodations...

About the Author

Larry Kendall is a founding partner of The Group – a real estate firm with 200 associates and six Colorado offices. He created Ninja Selling, a training system with more than 50,000 graduates.

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