No B.S. Sales Success in the New Economy

No B.S. Sales Success in the New Economy

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Today’s customers want excellent customer service and great value, and they won’t tolerate an ordinary sales experience. Multimillionaire salesman Dan S. Kennedy shows you how to sell your product or service to difficult customers. He covers effective selling techniques, such as using testimonials and offering free products with a purchase. He emphasizes really listening to your customers because – directly or indirectly – they will tell you what they need. Although this treatise doesn’t break much new ground, Kennedy offers a helpful compendium of solid sales advice. getAbstract recommends it to salespeople hoping to improve their numbers, and to service providers and professionals, from doctors to mechanics, plumbers and dog trainers, especially the ones who don’t know how to sell.


The “New Economy” Customer

The New Economy changed the rules of selling: New Economy customers are weary of countless indistinguishable stores, brands, goods and services. Finances are tight, so today’s customers are increasingly discriminating. They won’t tolerate ordinary products, incompetent personnel or bad customer service. You must earn their trust, deliver value and ensure that your offering matches their needs.

Positive Results

Your goal is to achieve “positive results under negative circumstances,” and that requires working hard and taking responsibility for your actions. Some obstacles to closing a deal will be out of your control, such as changing political climates, new business competitors and, if you’re an employee, potentially bad management within your company. While you can’t control such circumstances, you can control your reactions to them. You already know that New Economy customers will say no more often than yes, but you can turn no into yes with these techniques:

  • Take charge of the situation.
  • Be determined to get a positive answer regardless of the circumstances.
  • Don’t let your ego get in the way or take no...

About the Author

Dan S. Kennedy is a speaker, writer, business consultant and serial entrepreneur.

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