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7 Ways to Maximize Your Profits in Any Market


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Business-building advice from motivational whiz Brian Tracy and entrepreneur Mark Thompson

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Motivational machine Brian Tracy has created another valuable, straightforward business guide. Writing with entrepreneur Mark Thompson, Tracy covers seven areas of business, including leadership, planning, team building, product quality, marketing, sales and customer service. Tracy and Thompson teach aspiring entrepreneurs what they must do and how they should do it, plus the primary metrics that keep businesses on track. No one beats Tracy at packaging tried-and-true business concepts. This offering is accompanied by worthwhile sentiments and interesting case histories. getAbstract recommends this useful business guide to entrepreneurs.


“The Time for Action Is Now”

You can run your business successfully, beat your competitors, please your customers, retain great employees and “create a culture of continuous improvement” if you follow advice in seven strategic areas:

1. “Become a Great Leader”

In business, as in life, leadership matters. Commercial ventures fail quickly if no one takes the reins and accepts responsibility. Leaders must be bold and brave. Nothing, not even making mistakes, frightens a great leader. Leadership is built on three P’s – “Purpose”: Meaningful intent drives people to succeed; “Passion”: Great leaders do work that engages them; and “Performance”: Leaders concentrate on the steps they need to achieve to succeed, not on the goals by which they measure success. Ask yourself, “What am I trying to do?” Write down the results you want and outline a reliable method to measure your progress. Consider the steps required to reach your goals.

As a leader, consider what your organization expects of and needs from you. How will you build sales and increase profitability? How will you find the best people? How will you inspire them? What will you create? How can you make your...

About the Authors

Brian Tracy wrote Maximum Achievement and Eat that Frog! Entrepreneur Mark Thompson is a Stanford University visiting scholar.

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