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If you could develop one single skill that sets the foundation for everything else you need to succeed in your career, what would it be? Develop a growth mind-set, advises Barbara Jamelli-Sefchik, the Global Head of Career Development at SAP. In an episode of the Driving Ambition podcast series, Jamelli-Sefchik discusses why wanting to learn and believing in your ability to evolve are prerequisites for keeping up with an agile workplace. L&D professionals and employees at every level will benefit from Jamelli-Sefchik’s insights.

About the Podcast

Driving Ambition is a syndicated podcast with the aim to inspire people to pause, explore success and recalibrate their actions toward achievement. In this episode, CEO and host Adrian Reyes speaks to Barbara Jamelli-Sefchik, the global head of career development at SAP.


Inspiring people to learn and grow is central to effective learning and development programs.

In the fable of the tortoise and the hare, the two agree to compete in a race. The hare, confident of its abilities to run fast, takes a nap, thinking it will easily catch up with the tortoise. The tortoise starts moving forward steadily and to the best of its abilities. To the hare’s surprise, the tortoise wins the race.

The hare displays a fixed mind-set in its belief that its inborn talents will always allow it to succeed without any effort. The tortoise, by contrast, acts on the notion that it can always improve and surmount obstacles through...

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