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47 Ways to Make Your Organization Exceptional


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Can you count how many ways could your organization become outstanding? Try 47.

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John G. Miller always kept his eyes and ears open as he consulted with many Fortune 500 companies over the years. In the process, he became a perceptive student of business. Now Miller has assembled (and sometimes perhaps slightly oversimplified) 47 of the best approaches, practices and techniques he saw as a consumer or as a consultant when he observed superior organizations. getAbstract finds that this engaging book does a good job of explicating each of these valuable concepts.


How to Become Outstanding

Personnel at many medical facilities see stroke victims as difficult to treat because people who have had a stroke often lack mobility, endurance and strength. But the staff members at Utah’s Ashley Regional Medical Center work closely with such patients to encourage them. One nurse went to a patient’s home to bring back some essentials, including her hairdryer and extra clothing. She helped the patient do craftwork and added brightly colored accessories to the hospital room. This made the stroke sufferer feel special and welcome.

One evening just after closing time, All American Quick Lube received a call from a woman who noticed fluid leaking from under her vehicle. Although the shop was shut, the man who answered the phone told her to drive her car to the shop anyway. Mechanics found that her engine hose was cracked and ordered a replacement. The woman then realized that she left her purse at home. The shopkeeper told her not to worry, and gave her $20 and the keys to one of the garage’s vehicles. He told her to come back the next day to settle the bill.

A Hilton hotel guest left the charger for his cellphone at home. He asked the...

About the Author

John G. Miller is the founder of QBQ, Inc., a consultancy focused on teaching personal accountability. He also wrote QBQ! The Question Behind the Question and Flipping the Switch.

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