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Pause. Breathe. Choose.

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Pause. Breathe. Choose.

Become the CEO of Your Well-Being

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When you prioritize your well-being, both your personal and professional lives will flourish.

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When you prioritize your career over your well-being, you hurt both. By focusing on your well-being, however, you can improve your life, both professionally and personally. In this inspiring book, executive wellness coach Naz Beheshti explains how her MAP Method can help you restructure your life. It can make you a master of mindfulness and of the Seven A’s of resilience and stress-management, allowing you to become “CEO of your well-being.” Using personal and client stories, Beheshti offers practical tips for how you can incorporate healthier habits in your workplace and in your life. It all starts with you leading by example, creating a culture that supports individual wellness.


Achieving your career goals isn’t worth sacrificing your well-being.

The Japanese have a word for someone who dies from working too much: karoshi. This prioritization of work over health exists in the United States as well. People who strive in their careers often experience significant physical and mental stress. They believe doing well in their careers is more important than pursuing personal well-being. The reality is that you can do both.

While working as an executive assistant to Steve Jobs, Naz Beheshti learned that the Apple CEO saw his well-being as fundamental to the state of his company. If you find yourself longing for the weekend, it’s time to rethink how you approach your life. The MAP Method can help.

MAP stands for mastery of mindfulness, for the Seven A’s of resilience and stress-management, and for promotion to the role of “CEO of your well-being.” If you can learn to pause and deliberately be in the moment, you will make better choices for yourself and your business.

Embrace mindfulness as the basis for your life and self-knowledge.

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About the Author

Prananaz founder and CEO Naz Beheshti is an executive wellness coach who has written numerous articles on the subject. She has worked for more than 20 years at Fortune 500 companies, including time with Steve Jobs at Apple.

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