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The managers of most corporations and nonprofits do not understand or appreciate the process of writing proposals and grants, yet developing this skill can be the gateway to winning large contracts and substantial funding. In his practical handbook, author Tom Sant demystifies this important task, providing details about almost every aspect of the process, both pre- and post-award. He elaborates upon the materials you should include and lists mistakes to avoid. This book seems to have a good handle on increasing your success rate if you bid on contracts or apply for philanthropic funding. Therefore, getAbstract recommends it to public- or private-sector managers who respond to Requests for Proposals (RFPs), write bids for contracts or prepare grant proposals.


Show Off Your Strategic Value

If you want your business to grow, you must show other companies that you can help them advance their business strategies. Often, this means submitting proposals. A good proposal is customized, convincing, formal and followed up. Proposal writing has become so important to business success that many companies have created positions dedicated exclusively to this function.

Your company should devote significant time, talent and energy to writing high-quality proposals because:

  • Federal procurement procedures have become more formal - Defense industry contractors, in particular, require detailed, written proposals from their vendors and subcontractors.
  • Projects have become more complex - Sophisticated telecommunications, transportation, insurance and information technologies require well-trained decision-makers.
  • Competition has intensified - Prospects can ask for proposals from larger numbers of bidders. Vendors must show what they can offer, and at what price.
  • More people are involved in making decisions - Teams now make many buying decisions, and team members have a variety of perspectives, needs and assumptions...

About the Author

Tom Sant is a proposal consultant whose clients range from small entrepreneurial operations to global corporations. He also has developed two widely used proposal automation systems.

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