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In this episode of BBC Radio 4’s Costing the Earth podcast, host Tom Heap interviews the “heretics” of plastic. An organic farmer, a lifecycle analyst, a plastic manufacturer, a waste management expert, and others who work with plastic on a daily basis argue that banning the material causes environmental problems elsewhere. Those concerned about the environment will appreciate the nuances of the debate and the practical solutions.

About the Podcast

Costing the Earth is a podcast series produced by BBC Radio 4 that explores the technologies and methods that create a more sustainable world.



Plastic has a bad reputation, but can society get rid of it entirely? Plastic isn’t inherently evil, says organic farmer Guy Singh-Watson. Paper and other materials are worse for the environment and, thanks to plastic, his vegetables stay fresh, which reduces food waste. Singh-Watson worries that the plastic debate distracts from the greater environmental emergency – climate change.

Lifecycle analyst Richard Mattison agrees that alternative materials can cause other problems. Without plastic, transporting food would be heavier and require more fuel, thus adding more carbon to the atmosphere...

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