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Playing the Job Market

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Playing the Job Market

MIT Technology Review Podcast

MIT Technology Review,

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Learn whether you should trust hiring to AI-driven, gamified screenings.

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Some large employers are turning to gamified, artificial intelligence-driven employment screenings to evaluate candidates for certain roles. This episode of the MIT Technology Review podcast – third in a four-part series on artificial intelligence and hiring – asks whether combining AI and gamification can really serve as a good matchmaker between employers and applicants. The episode delves into the hazards of the technology, including the potential for disparate impact. Anthony Green produced this episode; Jennifer Strong hosts. 


Employers are turning to artificial intelligence-driven, gamified screenings of job applicants.

Employers in the United States and Europe – including global leaders such as AstraZeneca and Kraft Heinz – are using gamified, AI-driven tests to screen job applicants. Makers say these systems can quantify qualities such as attention, risk preference, creativity, innovation, resilience and learning agility and then indicate candidates’ fit for a given role. Usually, companies use these systems to fill entry-level positions, where the applicants tend not to bring much work experience.

Makers of these systems say they combine behavioral science and machine learning: The AI uses behavioral science tools to measure...

About the Podcast

Anthony Green is a podcast producer for MIT Technology Review.

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