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Power Teams Beyond Borders

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Power Teams Beyond Borders

How to Work Remotely and Build Powerful Virtual Teams


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Globalization and digitization make remote and virtual teams imperative in the corporate world.

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Workplace globalization and digitization were making remote and virtual teams more popular in the corporate world even before COVID-19 sent everybody home. Businesses embrace global and virtual teams because they deliver, not because they proved the only viable option when suddenly no one could come into the office. A virtual team’s performance, as with most other teams, often depends on the leader. Team leadership expert Peter Ivanov provides actionable strategies to help virtual-team leaders create and build on a well-functioning foundation, train recruits and meet corporate goals.


These words launched one of history’s greatest virtual-team triumphs: “Houston, we have a problem.”

On April 13, 1970, NASA’s Apollo 13 space mission was headed for the moon with three astronauts aboard. They sent a now-famous emergency message to NASA ground operations: “Houston, we have a problem.”

Two of Apollo 13’s oxygen tanks had exploded. The space mission’s vital oxygen was spewing in a white plume out into space. The engineers at NASA hadn’t planned for this emergency. Panic set in among the professionals in Houston. Apollo 13 and its crew might never make it safely back to Earth. 

Gene Kranz, NASA’s Mission Control chief, was responsible for figuring out a solution – and quickly. He knew getting the astronauts safely back to Earth would come down to the available energy on board the damaged space vessel.

Without the proper amount of energy, spaceships can’t go anywhere. Navigation is impossible. Astronauts can’t communicate with Mission Control. Without energy, people can’t survive in a spaceship’s artificial environment. As Apollo 13...

About the Author

Peter Ivanov is an inspirational speaker, business coach, entrepreneur, author and virtual-teams expert.

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