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Everyone is a genius, or was once. Tragically, life stifles the genius within most people in the work world. This smothering begins in childhood, and, by the time most people become adults, their genius languishes beneath a slag heap of convention and custom. In her inspiring book, exuberant personal development whiz Gina Amaro Rudan explains how you can tap into your natural genius and rev up your life. Rudan’s ideas are not groundbreaking, but her joyful, infectious enthusiasm elevates these familiar concepts beyond the usual self-help fare. getAbstract recommends Rudan’s iconoclastic manual to those inclined toward self-development who yearn to live life fearlessly to the fullest.

About the Author

Gina Amaro Rudan is the president of Genuine Insights, a professional development firm. She has worked as a trainer and lecturer for numerous organizations.



Your Genius Resides Inside – Bring It Out!

Do you have a split personality? You display one of your intrinsic selves at work: circumscribed and conventional, with no rough edges. Your second self, the one you allow to emerge away from the office, is the real you: a person who is rich with unique ideas, passions and dreams. At work, instead of showcasing your full capabilities and creativity, you manifest only the skills you believe the company wants. And thus you become your job and allow it to define your place in the world. Then one day, having marched “through the stages of life – college, career, marriage, kids, more career” – you realize that 20 or 30 years have passed. And you ask: Is this all there is?

This leads to another important question that many people ask themselves as they age: What happened to my amazing potential, my former zest and exuberance? As the engineer, inventor and futurist Buckminster Fuller said, life “de-geniuses” people. As a result, many adults live lives of compromise. To meet other people’s oppressive expectations, they sacrifice their passions and subdue their natural strengths. Most people can be so much more than they are. They ...

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