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Presenting Virtually

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Presenting Virtually

Communicate and Connect With Online Audiences

Patti Sanchez,

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Avoid teleconference angst and master the art of remote hosting with tips from this virtual communication how-to.

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In the business world, the future is virtual. Companies increasingly rely on teleconferencing to communicate with their employees and business partners – but doing so effectively can be difficult. In this thoughtful guide, public speaking guru Patti Sanchez explores all the elements of virtual presentation, including camera placement, slide fonts, scriptwriting and vocal delivery. Replete with research-inspired techniques, simple graphics and easy-to-follow instructions, Sanchez’s guide is the perfect tool for readers seeking to hone their presentation skills and master remote communication.


Mastering the art of virtual presentations is an essential business skill in the post-COVID world.

Telecommuting has existed for decades, but the business world didn’t accept it as a viable norm until the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. As companies create a growing number of remote job posts, virtual business meetings will continue to grow in popularity. In fact, one estimate posits that just 25% of business meetings will take place in person by 2024. Thus, virtual presentation skills are an essential requirement when seeking employment and promotion.

Virtual meetings boast many advantages. They give real-time access to a global audience while saving companies travel time and money. Moreover, they convey information quickly and allow for easy, instant audience feedback. Alas, technology may also act as an obstacle between speakers and listeners, and virtual meetings can make remote workers feel isolated. Additionally, pets, children, phones, emails, and so on can easily distract listeners. Great virtual presentations employ “quality, novelty and interaction” to bridge any sense of disconnect and conquer distractions.

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About the Author

Patti Sanchez is the chief strategy officer at Duarte, a public speaking consultancy. She is the former managing director and lead communication consultant at Pearson Branded marketing agency.

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