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Profitable Growth Is Everyone's Business

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Profitable Growth Is Everyone's Business

10 Tools You Can Use Monday Morning


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Any company's basic mission is to reap revenues. Ram Charan explains how to also plant good ideas and harvest growth.

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This excellent, short work is a classic in its genre. Author Ram Charan outlines in no-nonsense, albeit sometimes prolix, style the essentials that all managers need to know to make their businesses and their revenues grow. Charan offers 10 basic principles, explains each one clearly, and provides anecdotal examples. The author readily admits that the principles are mostly common sense, and even perhaps widely understood (in part, from his other popular works). However, he says that the problem for most businesses is not having the right ideas, but rather turning the ideas into action. getAbstract recommends this mainstay for any business manager's bookshelf. It will help you face the challenge of growth.


The Big Challenge

Why is achieving revenue growth so hard? Three things have gone wrong. Companies have taken attention away from growth to cut costs and pursue “restructuring.” Leaders have become so intent on finding that one dramatic win that they miss all the small steady things they could do to grow. And, managers have severed productivity from earning more money, when in fact they are indivisible. To grow, your company needs the right “tools” and “building blocks.” Like these:

1. “Make Revenue Growth Everyone’s Business”

Revenue growth is not just the leader’s job. Every employee and manager has a stake in the company’s growth. Eventually, companies that do not grow cannot compete, and uncompetitive companies are not good employers. Every employee has a stake in growth and can help growth, one way or another. For example, call center employees have a feel for the pulse of the customers. They know what needs are met and unmet, and what makes customers angry, upset or happy when they call. Repair people know which components break most often and under what usage. Salespeople can gather intelligence. Enlist every employee...

About the Author

Ram Charan is co-author of Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done. For 35 years, he has been advisor to executives in a wide range of companies. He has taught at the Harvard Business School and at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

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