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Rare Breed

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Rare Breed

A Guide to Success for the Defiant, Dangerous, and Different


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Your unusual traits might be your greatest strengths.

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Conventional wisdom advocates playing by the rules to get ahead, and many people look down on those who break from this model. But according to award-winning brand consultants Sunny Bonnell and Ashleigh Hansberger, you have far more to gain from staying true to yourself and following your own path. The authors draw on their entrepreneurial experience and cite unique, successful figures throughout history – such as Harriet Tubman – to illustrate their themes. They offer practical questions and advice to help you harness your unique gifts to further your professional and personal aspirations.


Diverging from conventional wisdom is often seen as counterintuitive to success, but it can be your greatest asset.

To get ahead, so the conventional wisdom goes, play by the rules. But, as the authors learned when they dropped out of school to launch an innovative branding agency, saying no to the status quo – while incredibly difficult – can pay outsized dividends. The very aspects others label as your weaknesses may prove to be your prime strengths – when you leverage them properly. Rather than making excuses for your true self, embrace your “Rare Breed” gifts as your calling card – in business and in life.

Rare Breeds exhibit one or more of seven qualities – traits others may regard as shortcomings you can use to your advantage. Each of these traits has a positive and a negative side. Stay aware of these dualities and proactively avoid allowing darker impulses to sabotage your success.

“Rebel” Rare Breeds innovate by pushing the boundaries of the possible.

Rebels break the rules and act as champions for those unable to speak for or help themselves. At the same time, rebels without a cause can ...

About the Authors

Sunny Bonnell is CEO and co-founder of leadership and brand consultancy, Motto and a keynote speaker. Motto co-founder and chief of strategy Ashleigh Hansberger is an award-winning brand strategist. 

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