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Read, Listen or Watch? How We’ll Access Knowledge in the Future

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Read, Listen or Watch? How We’ll Access Knowledge in the Future

Future Talk – a Deloitte podcast


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CEO Thomas Bergen co-founded getAbstract in 1999 based on a vision of providing business leaders with the relevant knowledge they need to make better decisions. Bergen believes that the company’s mission has gained even more relevance in light of the coronavirus crisis and today’s ongoing technological disruption. In Future Talk, a German-language podcast with host Michael Grampp of Deloitte, Bergen discusses the company’s history and its current and future challenges.


getAbstract has operated as a semi-virtual company from its 1999 inception, so its adjustment to the coronavirus-related shutdown went smoothly.

Even before the COVID-19 crisis, getAbstract operated as a semi-virtual company. Around 80% to 90% of its employees and freelancers have always worked remotely. In addition, most of the 60 to 70 employees based in getAbstract’s two headquarters offices in Lucerne and Miami work from home at least some of the time. However, co-founder and CEO Thomas Bergen finds that he has had to adjust his communication and leadership tools during the quarantine. Now that he’s no longer able to greet his office staff in Lucerne in person, he posts a daily video message on Microsoft Teams to maintain his presence with his employees and to signal continuity.

Summaries help people anticipate and understand challenges like the coronavirus crisis.

The science department in getAbstract’s editorial operation and its Inside China team – a Beijing-based editorial office that curates business-relevant Chinese-language content and summarizes it in English – published abstracts about the ...

About the Podcast

Each episode of Deloitte’s German-language Future Talk podcast presents industry experts discussing trends in technology, digitalization, innovation and entrepreneurship. In this episode, host Michael Grampp – Deloitte’s chief economist and research director in Switzerland – interviews Thomas Bergen, co-founder and CEO of getAbstract.

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