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Rebel Ideas

The Power of Diverse Thinking

Matthew SyedJohn Murray • 2020

The Rewards of Diversity

by David Meyer

Best-selling author and award-winning New York Times columnist Matthew Syed explores contemporary gestalts to reveal the positive power of diversity.

With data and insight, Matthew Syed – a brilliant, award-winning columnist for The Times and author of the bestsellers Bounce, You Are Awesome and Black Box Thinking – demonstrates how diversity and creativity lead to higher returns in many arenas. He also provides steps for recruiting rebel voices and a rich mix of team members.

One of today’s foremost public intellectuals, Syed addresses how to think about thought, how to perceive the way you perceive, and how to step out of your own “bubble” to recognize the way cultural assumptions and other biases may inhibit your personal and commercial evolution. The scale of Syed’s success indicates that audiences welcome his insights. He shuns pomposity and writes with singular directness, clarity and style, though his style is never flamboyant. Syed may at times cite well-known examples – such as the Mount Everest climbing disasters – but he takes a fresh approach to each narrative.

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