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Leadership and the Art of Growing Up


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To become a better leader, don't confuse what you do with who you are.

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A guru to leaders and a self-styled Buddhist and Jungian thinker, Jerry Colonna discusses how to become a better leader by examining yourself to find the “brokenhearted warrior” within. In this book – part memoir and part reflection –Colonna aims to reboot leaders who feel lost and confused. In the memoir vein, he offers personal stories of his struggles as a successful venture capitalist and discusses powerful people in tech and finance. For reflection, he supplies great thinker's ideas and aphorisms. With both, his intent is to teach leaders to find strength in their vulnerability.


Find out the “why” to learn the “how” of great leadership.

Becoming a true leader is a quest to grow up. On that path, ask yourself hard questions about who you are and, more importantly, why you are. This radical self-inquiry may lead to places where you’ve been stuck and scared.

Becoming trapped in self-criticism can leave you fearful of being your authentic self. However, deep self-inquiry, along with sharing your experiences and mastering practical leadership skills, will guide you to becoming a more resilient leader.

Work gives your life meaning, but it also can cause suffering. Work feeds and shelters you and the people you love, but if you can’t understand the why of who you are, you won’t be able to accept uncertainty in pursuing the perfectly executed how. Stop striving, and allow yourself to be. Infuse sacredness into your work, and nurture people who want to be leaders.

For many people, money equals safety. They regard money as protection from chaos and hardship. Money may make you feel worthy and admired, but even when you have everything, you might...

About the Author

Jerry Colonna is the co-founder of the executive coaching and leadership development company Reboot and its podcast, The Reboot Podcast. An active philanthropist, he is a former venture capitalist.

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