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From Good to Great to Unstoppable


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The toughest competitors are as relentless and resolute as champion athletes.

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The toughest competitors are relentless people who will do whatever it takes to gain victory over and over. Famous trainer Tim S. Grover, who worked with Michael Jordan, Dwayne Wade and the late Kobe Bryant, among other champions, calls these people “cleaners,” champs you can depend on to clean up any situation. Grover explains the nature of relentlessness, details what makes cleaners stand out, and explains – sometimes in salty language and without much of a nod to work-life balance – how their remarkable resoluteness is a tough-minded attribute any determined competitor can achieve.  


The greatest champions are relentless and will do whatever it takes to win.

In 2013, during an NBA game, basketball legend Kobe Bryant tore his Achilles tendon. The typical player might have fallen to the floor in pain. Despite his torn tendon, Bryant hobbled to the free-throw line and made both his foul shots. Then, his job accomplished, Bryant limped to the locker room. His championship instincts took over, driving him to continue competing despite severe pain. He exemplifies relentlessness. Like all great champions, Bryant refuses to let obstacles deter him.

People who are relentless are not merely mentally tough – they’re unconquerable. They never quit. They achieve the impossible. They so want to win that no sacrifice is too great. No matter where relentless people compete – in sports, in business or in any field – winning is the only thing that matters to them. Being relentless does not require special physical traits, brilliant intellect or great talent. You simply need the right frame of mind. Relentlessness is a mind-set. You already have everything else you need to be relentless...

About the Authors

CEO of Attack Athletics Tim S. Grover works with championship and Hall of Fame athletes. Shari Lesser Wenk has been a literary agent, editor and sports book ghostwriter since 1983. 

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