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Rethinking Work

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Rethinking Work

Are you ready to take charge?

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Are you stuck in the rat race? Want to get out? Here’s how to take charge of your career – and your life.

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You have a good job and make a nice living, but lately something is missing. The spark has gone out of your work – and your life. You would like to make a change, but you don’t know how or where to start. Yet you know that one day you’ll be dead inside if you remain too much longer in your current job. Abandoning the rat race and heading off in some novel direction is never easy, but finding a viable way out has become a survival imperative for many of today’s professionals. Are you in a rut? Career expert Cliff Hakim’s three-step career change and enhancement program can help you transform your life. getAbstract sees his conversational book as an informed, logical map to new career directions and self-fulfillment. Never preachy, Hakim offers sensible, if not especially innovative, advice, urging anyone contemplating a career change to reflect and explore first, and then engage. It’s not “fire, ready, aim” but “ready, aim, fire.” His warmly supportive book explains how to make a workable transition to a more rewarding professional life.


Aching for Something Different?

Are you at a professional crossroads? Has your job stopped inspiring you? Do you hunger to do something more meaningful and spiritually rewarding? Or perhaps you’d really prefer to stay in your current job, but you’d love it to be more satisfying. Do such thoughts fill your mind constantly? If so, it is time to reorient your thinking and change your life in the process.

You can move beyond staid, constraining “outer economy” considerations – money, prestige, security and related issues – to “inner economy” thoughts, such as gaining control of your life and setting your own direction. This is not an easy transition. You have a busy daily schedule that affords you (you believe) precious little time to reflect on possible fresh opportunities, and even less time to explore new options. Plus, contemplating change and unknown paths always carries an element of fear. However, if you are in a rut, you owe it to yourself to take steps toward something new. You have only one life. Do you want to spend it in a frustrating, unfulfilling job?

Unlike workers in generations past, people now routinely move from one job to another. U.S. Department...

About the Author

Cliff Hakim is a business writer and the founder of a career-change consulting firm. The Financial Times, Fortune, Industry Week and Fast Company have written about his concepts.

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