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Revisiting the China Opportunity

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Revisiting the China Opportunity

With the global economy in flux, companies must rethink their ways of doing business in China if they hope to keep current with the world’s largest contributor to GDP growth.

Boston Consulting Group,

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Global business leaders need to stay on top of the rapidly changing opportunities in China.

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China’s economic and political presence on the world stage is not only getting bigger; it is also changing. In this expert overview, Boston Consulting Group professionals direct multinational executives’ attention to China’s growing domestic consumer marketplace and its breakout advanced technology sectors. The Chinese economy presents both challenges and opportunities to global businesses, whose approaches must consider local preferences, shifting trade relations, the pervasiveness of e-commerce and the need for flexible supply chains.


China’s economy remains robust, despite setbacks from the COVID-19 pandemic.

At least one-quarter of global GDP for the remainder of the 2020s will likely come from China. By decade’s end, it will match the United States’ economic heft in terms of nominal GDP. The ranks of the country’s affluent are growing by some ten million people annually.

China is the world’s biggest market for commodities and for consumer products. It is also the leading user of e-commerce platforms, as well as the dominant manufacturer of a wide swath of goods.

Several forces are reshaping business opportunities in China.

China is increasingly prioritizing self-reliance in response...

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Ted Chan et. al are professionals with the Boston Consulting Group.

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