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Russian Roulette

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Russian Roulette

The Inside Story of Putin’s War on America and the Election of Donald Trump


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What's inside?

Russia’s efforts to influence the 2016 American presidential election were no ordinary acts of espionage.  

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With its brazen attempt to influence the 2016 American presidential election, Russia fundamentally changed the rules of international relations in ways that could affect the world for a long time to come. In this timely, suspenseful and detailed book, investigative reporters Michael Isikoff and David Corn explore the connections between Donald Trump and the Russian government leading up to the 2016 election. Each chapter offers an eye-opening, blow-by-blow account of the key events of one of the most powerful foreign interferences to ever occur in US domestic politics. 


President Obama’s hopes of improving relations with Russia were undercut by Putin’s ambitions. 

When President Putin stepped down in 2008, in favor of his protégé, Dmitry Medvedev, Obama believed it was an opportunity to reset relations with Russia, which had become increasingly tense. Obama hoped to work with the Russians on common goals such as foiling Iran’s nuclear arms ambitions. Around this time, however, the FBI discovered a Russian spy ring that had been operating in the United States for close to 10 years. The revelation of the extent of the operation left many political leaders and policy experts wondering whether the United States could ever really work with Russia.

Meanwhile, in Russia, Putin was rethinking his decision to leave power. Putin saw a revitalized Russia as a bulwark against America’s unilateral meddling in world affairs – including US interventions in Serbia and Iraq, and, more recently, Obama’s support of the Arab Spring protests. He believed retaking the presidency would allow him to bring his vision of a newly powerful Russia into being. After winning reelection in 2012...

About the Authors

Michael Isikoff is the chief investigative reporter for Yahoo News. David Corn is the Washington Bureau Chief for Mother Jones magazine and an analyst for MSNBC.

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