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Russia’s Lifelines: India

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Russia’s Lifelines: India

Stuck in the Middle or Russia’s Time-tested Friend?

The Conference Board,

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Russia’s war on Ukraine is stressing India’s long-standing neutrality.

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India’s long-standing pursuit of nonalignment seems to be giving way to greater economic and diplomatic support of Russia, according to this useful background report from the Conference Board, a stance complicated by Russian aggression against Ukraine. Where India ultimately casts its lot will have political and economic consequences not only for Russia but for the entire world. Executives and investors will find this a solid analysis of shifting geopolitical allegiances.


Its war on Ukraine has Russia seeking alliances that bypass economic sanctions.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has, for the most part, isolated it. As sanctions from more than 40 countries increasingly weigh on its economy, the Russian government is seeking alternatives to keep itself functioning.

Only two large nations, India and China, abstained from joining in the sanctions. Russia has lent diplomatic support to India for years, and both countries have worked to forge alliances outside those in which the United States and its allies dominate. Russia, India and China have long sought to reduce their US dollar dependence...

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The Conference Board is a nonprofit  research group whose membership consists of public and private sector entities in more than 60 countries. 

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