Summary of 30 Days to Social Media Success

The 30 Day Results Guide to Making the Most of Twitter, Blogging, LinkedIN, and Facebook

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30 Days to Social Media Success book summary
How to use the social media to market your solo practice, small business or nonprofit in a month.


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Tom Dickson is the CEO of Blendtec, a blender manufacturer. He is also the deadpan star of Blendtec’s famous “Will It Blend?” videos on YouTube. Dressed in a lab coat, Dickson conducts experiments to see if he can blend an iPhone, marbles, golf balls or a can of Coke. Yes, he can – and the videos showing the results are hilarious. Just type “will it blend” into YouTube’s search box to see for yourself. Since the company began posting its goofy videos, its sales are up 500%. This is no surprise: Social media can have amazing marketing power. Gail Z. Martin’s handy marketing guide teaches you how to use this awesome online tool to boost your sales and profits. Martin suggests spending 30 minutes a day for 30 days to develop a strong social media presence. The author tells you exactly what to do. getAbstract recommends her practical advice to small business owners, entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, consultants, merchants and solo professionals.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What benefits social media offer small business owners, entrepreneurs and professionals,
  • How to use social media to market your offerings and
  • What some of the top social media websites for this purpose are.


The 30-Minutes-for-30-Days Approach
If you are an entrepreneur or a professional with your own practice, you can put social media to work promoting your activities. It’s not complicated. With 30 days of sustained effort – a minimum of 30 minutes daily, seven days a week – you can create...
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About the Author

Gail Z. Martin owns DreamSpinner Communications, which specializes in small-business and solo-practice marketing. She is also an expert on using social media for book marketing.

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    Omar Shamsaldeen 4 years ago
    very good audio book
  • Avatar
    Patrick Brigger 5 years ago
    Lots of common sense advice, and worth-while to spend the 10 minutes to read this. The reader will pick up one or the other point on which you want to spend more time on.
  • Avatar
    Janne Ohtonen 6 years ago
    This summary clearly explains what thos book has to offer. The usefulness of this summary depends on social media savvy you are. I have done social media or some years now, so it did not tell me much new things, but if you are inexperienced, then you might first want to read this summary and then decide whether you get the whole book. If you are not experienced, this summary is not enough to get you start really well, but it is great for you to evaluate whether you will benefit from whole book.

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