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Sense and Nonsense About Branding

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Brand Babble book summary
Brand experts often speak in impenetrable jargon. Cut through the babble and make sure your brand generates returns.


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Marketing consultants Don and Heidi Schultz present a plain-language deconstruction of branding jargon in this guide for executives who want to understand branding and build brands. The book’s strength is its simplicity and clarity. At times, however, it reads like a series of articles that once were published separately, so that certain essential information is restated - often in virtually identical language. However, finds that the information in the book is valuable, as is the authors’ thoughtful approach to branding. Their book merits a read by marketers and corporate decision makers.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to decode the jargon of brand consultants; and
  • How to harness your brand to generate returns for your business.


Understanding Brands
Brands are among any organization's most valuable assets, yet they are surrounded by conflicting, complicated messages. A brand is a tool to help make money for its owners. That's true whether it's a product, service, person, thing, idea, organization or even a country...
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About the Authors

International branding consultant Don E. Schultz is Professor Emeritus of Integrated Marketing Communications at Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism, visiting professor at the Cranfield School of Management, Bedfordshire, U.K., and adjunct professor at Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia. He is president of Agora, Inc., an Evanston, Illinois, marketing and branding consulting firm, where Heidi F. Schultz is executive vice president. She is also a lecturer on marketing communications at Northwestern.

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