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Creating Products that Captivate Customers

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Built to Love book summary
When customers love your product, you’ll love what it does to your profits.


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Life might seem pretty empty without your Apple iPhone, Starbucks latte or Harley-Davidson motorcycle. There are good reasons for that. These iconic brands understand the value of emotions and design emotional connections into every aspect of their products, including delivery, packaging, website and design. Professors Peter Boatwright and Jonathan Cagan outline the link between positive consumer emotions and product profitability. They clarify the challenges of synthesizing emotion into products, and they present the “Product Emotion Strategy” to help businesses achieve this goal. They support their theories with dozens of case-in-point examples, including McDonald’s fast-food restaurants, Blue Hose plumbing supplies and LoneStar trucks. getAbstract warmly recommends this book to executives, product designers and managers, engineers, and marketers.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why certain products or services garner a passionate following,
  • How an authentic emotional connection improves profits, and
  • How to build and deliver emotion through products and services.


Talking About Emotion
Every product category includes some items that people love. This rare, wonderful connection often occurs by happenstance rather than design. For the most part, people buy products because they fulfill a particular need or function. They might be good products or ...
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About the Authors

Peter Boatwright and Jonathan Cagan are principals at Carnegie Strategies LLC, an innovation and product strategy consultancy. They wrote The Design of Things to Come with Craig M. Vogel, with whom Cagan co-wrote Creating Breakthrough Products.

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