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Customer Centric Selling book summary
For customer centered sales, don't tell customers your product's features. Ask customers what they want it to do.


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This is an interesting, useful guide to selling a non-traditional way. Many companies, especially in high-technology industries, build their sales effort around early adopters. But early adopters are a minority of the market and their needs and preferences are distinct from those of the mainstream. To adjust their sales effort to the mainstream majority of the market, companies must listen to their audience. Instead of building sales messages around products, they need to build their sales communications and their sales process around customer needs and preferences. Customer-centric selling begins in the earliest stages of marketing and proceeds through the final sale. Authors Michael T. Bosworth and John R. Holland clearly set forth the nature of customer-centric selling and provide a comprehensive guide. recommends this worthwhile addition to any salesperson’s bookshelf.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How and why to build your sales effort around the customer instead of the product; and
  • How marketing can support customer-centric sales.


Customer-centric Selling Defined
Customer-centric selling has seven fundamental principles: Converse instead of presenting - The usual sales approach is to give a presentation with flashy PowerPoint slides, animated film and such. Salespeople seem to think that dimming...
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About the Authors

Michael T. Bosworth, the author of Solution Selling, and John R. Holland are co-founders of CustomerCentric System LLC.

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