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The Eight Truths of Marketing to Women

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EVEolution book summary
The mother of all demographic groups — literally.


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Ignore the infuriating capitalization and focus on what Faith Popcorn is telling you: Women make 80% of all consumer purchasing decisions. The successful businesses of the future will be those that revamp their marketing strategies to appeal to this mother-of-all demographic groups, Popcorn says. She then lays out a fairly comprehensive plan for doing just that. Rich with case studies of gender-based marketing principles in action, the book is witty, intelligent and convincing. getAbstract recommends it as a must-read in marketing, branding or strategic planning.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How and why women dominate the consumer customer base;
  • The differences in male and female decision-making processes, and
  • How to create a marketing strategy that targets women.


Pop(corn) Quiz
Consumer markets are changing faster than ever before. To understand how and why, try to answer the following questions: The Web has many successful women-only sites. Why are there no such sites for men? How and why has the take-...
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About the Authors

Faith Popcorn of New York City is a top forecaster of cultural and consumer trends. An advisor to many of the Fortune 500, she founded Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve, a major marketing consulting firm. She is author of The Popcorn Report and co-author with Lys Marigold of Clicking both U.S. bestsellers. Marigold, co-creator of The Popcorn Report was BrainReserve’s creative director for 12 years. A resident of Easthampton, New York, she is working on three books: Ancient Games, The Art of Change and The Homelife of Slugs.

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