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Facebook 2015 Industry Report summary


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More than 15 million businesses have Facebook pages today. Creating a strong presence amid big brands like Disney and Pepsi might be difficult for your brand. Lucy Hitz and Avenicio Baca, writing for the social-analytics consultancy Simply Measured, explain how your company can reach a wider audience on Facebook. They mainly reveal numerical data and trends rather than applicable advice. However, they do highlight some interesting Facebook success stories of popular companies and will point you in the right direction. getAbstract recommends their insights to all managers looking for ideas on how to connect with their customers via Facebook.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the 100 most successful global brands operate on Facebook,
  • Which types of contenthave helped industries maintain and increase customer engagement, and
  • Which Facebook activities led to increased customer engagement for top global brands.

About the Authors

Lucy Hitz is a content marketing producer at the social-analytics consultancy Simply Measured. Avenicio Baca is the client services engineer for its professional services team.



As Facebook progresses, so do the companies that use it as a platform for creating brand awareness and popularity. A study of the Facebook activities of 100 successful global brands, including Adidas, McDonald’s and Samsung, reveals how these companies use social media to establish presence in their...

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