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How to Create Brand Names That Stick

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Hello My Name Is Awesome book summary
Your product’s name is your best, most effective selling tool. Make it memorable.


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Brand-name consultant Alexandra Watkins details her methods for creating great brand, corporate or domain names, and for avoiding disastrous ones. She promises that you can devise a worthy name by avoiding certain pitfalls. Names can make or break a company, product or website, so professionalizing your naming strategy makes sense. getAbstract recommends Watkins’s light-hearted yet professional approach to naming to start-ups, entrepreneurs, businesspeople and marketers looking to create compelling, enduring names for companies, products or websites.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How to develop the best brand, corporate and domain names,
  • How to use the “SMILE & SCRATCH test” to assess your name and
  • How to develop a “creative brief” to guide your company’s naming activities.


Linguistic Games
Naming businesses, products and services is not a scientific process and is not, in the jargon, “verbal identity engineering.” Brand names that use common words, or spring from them, work well, such as “Obsession perfume,” “Mayday tech support” or “Kryptonite locks.” ...
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About the Author

Alexandra Watkins founded Eat My Words, a naming firm.

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