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The Next Wave of Urban Consumers

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Hub Culture book summary
Selling to the hub means marketing to urban elites who buy if the brand is flashy (and whether or not it’s counterfeit).


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Author Stan Stalnaker contends that the most important phenomenon facing contemporary marketers is the transnational hub culture. Hub culture is urban, cosmopolitan, chic, pricey and elite. Hub types are the kind of people their great-grandparents called jet-setters. The author may be too young to remember jet setters. It may even be that he wasn’t born yet when much of what he says about marketing, branding and culture was said the first time, so whether his insights are fresh or not, he believes they are. The book is an eclectic amalgamation of puzzle-pieces of contemporary city society, such as nightclub remembrances and e-mails. Stalnaker sorts through these scraps and shards to draw a sociological portrait, trying to elevate them above the level of, "It must be important because it happened to me." finds his book worth perusing, in that it does contain some worthwhile observations about the glib, flighty, self-absorbed, materialistic and brand-tyrannized denizens of the urban deserts called the Hub - just the people who might buy what you are selling.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What trend-setting, city-based, transnational Hub culture is; and
  • How to use it in your marketing.


Hub culture is composite. Even hub people are composite. Hub people knock around the world, from New York to Hong Kong to Africa to Europe. They value freedom but they also value responsibility. They are so remote from suburban life that they go to museums to look at pictures...
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About the Author

As marketing director of the Fortune Group, Stan Stalnaker is responsible for brand development, advertising, partnerships, alliances, conferences, events and image building for Fortune magazine in Asia. He writes a column on entertainment and trends for CNN and TIME Magazine’s Asia-based Web sites.

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