Summary of Sales Tips: No Decision Losses – The Good, Bad & Ugly

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Sales Tips: No Decision Losses – The Good, Bad & Ugly summary
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“No-decision” outcomes – when potential buyers decide to do nothing – sap sales performance and represent missed opportunities for salespeople and prospects alike. Hoping for better luck next time won’t solve the problem. Gary Walker, executive vice president of channel sales and operations for sales training company CustomerCentric Selling, suggests five strategies that address the root causes of no-decision losses. getAbstract recommends Walker’s expert, concise – and self-promotional – article to salespeople still waiting for their prospects to make up their minds.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why some sales prospects decide to do nothing,
  • What strategies can prevent sales losses due to “no decision” and
  • How to incorporate these strategies into your sales process.

About the Author

Gary Walker is executive vice president of channel sales and operations at CustomerCentric Selling.



“No-decision losses” happen when the prospect elects to take no action – after an often arduous sales process. Prospects who choose to stick with the status quo represent missed opportunities for their organizations and invalidate all the effort and expense of the sales process. But by understanding and eliminating the reasons possible buyers remain indecisive, sales firms can prevent these outcomes. Five primary strategies can neutralize the main causes underlying a decision not to act:

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