Summary of The 250 Power Words That Sell

The Words You Need to Get the Sale, Beat Your Quota, and Boost Your Commission

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The 250 Power Words That Sell book summary
If you use the right words in the right way, you can earn unlimited money in sales.


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Sales expert Stephan Schiffman’s latest manual features lists of powerful words and phrases that help salespeople close sales. He explains when and how to use these verbal tools, offering invaluable tradecraft. Some techniques seem problematic – for example, suggesting that salespeople leave the name of a colleague who has been in contact with the prospect before to get a callback in response to their phone message. However, most of the book’s recommendations are effective and time-tested. getAbstract recommends that salespeople go beyond the word lists; study Schiffman’s tactics on how to use these messages to build sales success.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What words and phrases are the most effective for closing sales,
  • How to use them, and
  • What primary rules you should follow for sales success.


Words Count
What words and sentences do you utilize when you speak with prospects? Do you ask, “What is your company doing now?” Are you citing “benefits,” “features” and “increased profits”? Do you say, “We should get together and talk”? If not, you should. Each word, phrase ...
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About the Author

Stephan Schiffman, a leading corporate sales trainer, is the author of Cold Calling Techniques (That Really Work!) and Closing Techniques (That Really Work!).

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    jacqueline cisneros 3 years ago
    I was worried that this summary would be full of fluff since it seems impossible to describe 250 words in a summary, but it really mentions many direct ways to communicate with prospects and taught me some new techniques on how to secure an appointment. I highly recommend this summary!

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