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Why the Future Is Age Neutral When It Comes to Marketing And Branding Strategies

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The 50-Plus Market book summary
If you ignore the 50-plus market, you’re neglecting powerful potential customers (the Boomers have big bucks).


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The world’s population is getting older. Shouldn’t marketers address this phenomenon? No. Actually, they should ignore it most of the time, says author Dick Stroud, who advocates marketing without regard to the consumer’s age, except when a specific situation seems to call for it. Stroud and other contributors contend that focusing your general marketing effort solely on younger consumers is a waste of outreach opportunities. He bases his recommendations on global demographic surveys and on his experience with the 50-plus market. This practical book contains information about demographics and segmentation techniques, as well as the results of international studies of older consumers. It provides real bonuses, such as questionnaires you can use to gauge your company’s attitudes toward older people, but it is also repetitive. getAbstract recommends it to serious market researchers and others who want to consider how age affects marketing worldwide.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why marketers need an age-neutral strategy;
  • Why consumers older than 50 are a hot technology market; and
  • How to sell to older consumers and why that is what you want to do.


Getting Older Every Day
The advertising business is prejudiced in favor of young people. Only 5% of ads target consumers older than age 50, even though these customers make up more than half of the prime-time TV and radio audience. Worse still, research in the United States and the United...
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About the Author

Dick Stroud directs a marketing strategy consultancy that advises companies about the business implications of aging demographics. He is the U.K.’s leading expert on using interactive channels to communicate with people who are older than 50.

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