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Pulling Away from the Business-2-Business Pack

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The Case for B2B Branding book summary
Navigate the labyrinth of business-to-business brand marketing with this practical guidebook.


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How do you make a consumer feel good about a light bulb? General Electric did it by building its brand identity around trust. When customers attribute such personality traits to a corporation and its brand, that attachment translates into millions of dollars in revenues. This is why corporate positioning and brand building is so important, yet powerful branding remains as elusive as the marketing Holy Grail. Author and branding expert Bob Lamons’ road map to building your brand is a very usable resource for navigating your way to a brand strategy that works. Lamons breaks down the brand-building process step-by-step, from wooing management to finding a position to measuring the results. He avoids market-speak and illustrates his points with motivational anecdotes and case histories from business-to-business companies with successful brands. Lamons does seem to concentrate more on branding and less on B2B, but feels this would be a welcome, well-used addition to any marketing professional’s resource library.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why a strong corporate brand is critical to your bottom line;
  • How to follow the seven steps to creating and implementing a corporate branding program; and
  • How corporate branding strategies have worked for leading companies.


Brand Power
Why does General Electric sell more light bulbs than its competitors? More people reach for GE light bulbs because of their familiarity with the brand. GE has built an image of trust in the minds of consumers, and that trust translates into sales. In fact, GE believes that ...
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About the Author

Bob Lamons writes a monthly Marketing News Magazine column called, "Advertising to Business." A B2B advertising practitioner for more than 35 years, and a former international chair of the Business Marketing Association, he is an award-winning member of the Business Marketing Hall of Fame.

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