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The Challenger Sale book summary
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In a field where new approaches and insights are rare, this book is a standout. Consultants Matthew Dixon and Brent Adamson spell out their business-to-business (B2B) sales construct, the “Challenger Sales Model,” overturn a few old assumptions (like Relationship Builders sell best) and set a new course for well-informed salespeople. Their innovative methods – drawn from research by the Sales Executive Council of the CEB, a global member-based advisory company – offer a new take. The book details an impressive, data-based B2B sales tactic, starting with helping you understand your sales personality type and explaining why you want to teach, tailor your message to and challenge your clients. Drawing from a survey of 6,000 sales reps, they explain what information to gather, how to present it and how to challenge your customers. getAbstract recommends their instructions to B2B sales professionals and to executives in sales management. To take a big step forward in planning and closing B2B sales, line up at this starting gate.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How the “Challenger Sales Model” works,
  • Why it is the best approach for business-to-business (B2B) sales and
  • How your salespeople can use it to increase their sales.

About the Authors

Matthew Dixon is an executive director and Brent Adamson is the managing director of the Sales Executive Council of the CEB, a member-based advisory company. The SEC does sales productivity research for its 300 member organizations as well as for its 18,000 sales professionals.



What Kind of Sales Rep Are You?
The Sales Executive Council (SEC), a sales research arm of the CEB, a global “member-based advisory committee,” researched the impact of the 2009 economic meltdown on business-to-business (B2B) salespeople.

It found that these reps fall into...

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Comment on this summary

  • Avatar
  • Avatar
    Christopher Baylis 2 months ago
    It's an effective approach - and a good read.
  • Avatar
    Laura Saunders 2 months ago
    Great Book, Challenger Customer is a great follow up
  • Avatar
    Alexander McNaughten 4 months ago
    Interesting approach to sales!
  • Avatar
    Alexander McNaughten 4 months ago
    Interesting approach to sales!
  • Avatar
    Patricia Borders 7 months ago
    Great book that reinforces client-centrism !
  • Avatar
    Adrian Cortes 1 year ago
    Interesting approach, specially keeping in mind that "the Challenger approach is applicable organization and not just in your sale"
  • Avatar
    Jacqueline Qualley 1 year ago
    Taking a new approach to selling and challenging your customers to see the painpoints in their business operations. Making sometimes uncomfortable conversations come to life to create a vision and plan for the customer. Creating more opportunities in complex sales to be consultative and ultimately win the deal.
  • Avatar
    Andrew Howes 3 years ago
    Great approach to selling AND a good read.
  • Avatar
    Jorge Poyatos 3 years ago
    Definitely worth a read!
  • Avatar
    Jorge Poyatos 3 years ago
    Great book!
  • Avatar
    Erik Meert 3 years ago
    Definitely worth reading !
  • Avatar
    Werner Mack 3 years ago
    Great book!
  • Avatar
    Sheila Forde 3 years ago
    Definitely worth a read for sales people and sales managers. It sits well alongside "Consultative" Selling if that is what you practice. I like the way it advocates a conversation that leads the customer to your solution, rather than bring our solution with us through the discussion
  • Avatar
    amy Cooper 4 years ago
    fabulous title
  • Avatar
    Steve M 4 years ago
    Definitely interesting but not particularly new. Geoffrey Moore wrote about the "leaky pipe" conversations with customers and provocation selling more than a decade earlier. But in the world of sales, that's an entire generation, so I'm sure it seems revolutionary to many. In any case, this approach works - especially in today's economy where people get stuck at the lower levels of the customer organization.
  • Avatar
    Skymall Intl 5 years ago
    Finally, someone wrote a book about B2B sales without the fluff!!! I kept relationship builders on my team for way to long till I decided to ask myself if they were actually contributing to the bottom line. Now, I only hire challengers, and the first time in 6 years, I'm no longer alone bringing in 80% of all the sales!
  • Avatar
    Michel Koopman 5 years ago
    This is a must read of any sales executive and professional

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