Summary of The DNA of Customer Experience

How Emotions Drive Value

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The DNA of Customer Experience book summary
What creating a great customer experience can do for your company.


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Colin Shaw demonstrates convincingly why building a great “Customer Experience” is important to your company. He relates it to important clusters of emotions that either destroy or drive added value, and create loyal customers. While the DNA metaphor is a bit strained (after all, talking about the virus of customer experience wouldn’t be nearly as poetic, even if it might be a slightly more accurate metaphor), Shaw gets his ideas across well and the underlying principles he outlines are quite good. He provides stories and quotes from his own consulting experience to clarify his points. getAbstract finds this concisely written book valuable and instructive.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Why customer emotions matter in the purchasing experience;
  • Which emotion clusters are statistically pivotal in your efforts to create customer loyalty;
  • How to calculate your “Net Promoter Score”; and
  • How to get a manager who doesn’t think you have a “Customer Experience” issue to see the light.


Emotion and Customer Loyalty
People buy things for both rational and emotional reasons. Research indicates that emotion counts for up to 50% of the customer experience; the question is how emotion influences the customer’s purchasing decision. While many businesses believe emotion matters...
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About the Author

Colin Shaw is founder and CEO of Beyond Philosophy, a market research and training company, and the author of Revolutionize Your Customer Experience.

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