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Riding the Multi-channel Whirlwind

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The M-Bomb book summary
The m-bomb offers your company a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Don’t blow it.


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You live in a landscape littered with deflated stock indexes and failed dot-com ad campaigns, so perhaps you are prone to think that this Internet deal is a fad, like the hula-hoop. According to author Geoff Webb, if you think the Internet will fade away, you are very wrong. The true Internet explosion hasn’t happened yet, but it will. Once it does, business will become so competitive that companies that haven’t adapted to the new multi-channel reality - in which customers will expect a vast array of new ordering and delivery services at no extra cost - will fade away. Speed is of the essence. Older companies must form partnerships to get their competencies up to a competitive level. If hierarchies, dead weight and slow adapters obstruct radical change, you must discard them. getAbstract hears the essential message: a Darwinian "adapt or die." Adapt to the new multi-channel reality or whither away. If you want to see the future, look here.

In this summary, you will learn

  • What the “m-bomb” is;
  • Why the Internet has the power to make or break your business; and
  • How to take pre-emptive action against the threat of the m-bomb.


The M-Bomb Challenge
The early phase of Internet activity is over and what is happening now is both real and fundamental. What is happening now is the "m-bomb," the creation of multiple channels for ordering, sales and service delivery.

This transition will destroy, in effect...
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About the Author

Geoff Webb gained experience driving change and innovation in the most aggressive blue-chip businesses around the world. He is the founder of the Webb Partnership, an international consulting group specializing in customer innovation and e-services strategy and implementation. During the last three years, Geoff and his team have worked with and supported hundreds of leading retail and consumer businesses. He knows where the bodies are buried in bringing new channels to market.

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