Summary of These 5 Startups Used Snapchat To Boost Their Brand (And So Can You)

These brands jumped on Snapchat early and have reaped the benefits. They spill their secrets here.

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These 5 Startups Used Snapchat To Boost Their Brand (And So Can You) summary
Displaying your advertising only for a day can be an effective way to promote your brand.


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On Snapchat, a messaging app that is particularly popular among younger users, images and videos you share disappear within 24 hours. Because the consumer’s exposure to the marketing message is short-lived, most marketers don’t even consider the app for advertising. As Fast Company’s Elizabeth Sevran explains, others argue that, when Snapchat users know a message will disappear, your customer is more likely to take notice. getAbstract recommends this article to social media marketers who need some ideas for how to exploit Snapchat’s advertising potential.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Which companies are promoting their brands on Snapchat and
  • What strategies those companies are using to woo their Snapchat audiences.


Bob Wolfley from the underwear company MeUndies has some advice for companies that are looking to market on Snapchat: Drop the sales pitch and focus on a narrative. That’s the tactic that his social media team has taken. Snapchat has become MeUndies’s most effective social media platform in terms of...
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