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Web Content Rx book summary
Is your web content bringing in business? If not, toss it. Then use this practical guide to craft high-impact material.


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A company’s website must generate revenue. If yours doesn’t, this basic book may help correct any problems. Wayne English, founder of a web content consultancy, presents the fundamentals of web writing, design, search engine optimization, podcasts and hypertext markup language (html), so you can make your site more usable, popular and – most importantly – profitable. While much of his information isn’t new, it is highly practical. English includes good sections on podcasts and digital photography, as well as handy pointers for creating email marketing campaigns. Surprisingly, though writing is an emphasis of this guide, it has an occasional typo and other minor grammatical hiccups. Those issues aside, getAbstract recommends it to novice web writers and fledgling webmasters, and to company leaders who want to maximize their firms’ web presence. Some of its tips could easily reimburse you for the cost of the book.

In this summary, you will learn

  • Which 12 techniques will make your company’s website more effective
  • How to create or obtain valuable web content
  • How to optimize your online content for search engines.


A Spotlight on Content
When Thomas Edison patented the phonograph in 1877, he contributed to a revolution that has made content the driving force behind many new technologies. From CDs and VCRs to radio and television, people are drawn to tools that enable them to “hear, see or interact...
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About the Author

Wayne English is the founder of He has published numerous articles in major publications, including a monthly column for a photography magazine.

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