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Changing the Way Businesses Create Experiences

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What's the Future of Business? book summary
Marketing via social media doesn’t just require embracing new technology – it also requires engaging customers and creating experiences.


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People talk about your business. In restaurants, on transcontinental flights and in the aisles of big-box retailers, customers share experiences on social media in real time. Depending on how they react to the experiences you offer, consumers can become your brand ambassadors or dangerous detractors. Cultivate more ambassadors by using social media platforms not as newfangled billboards, but as a way to connect with people, learn their priorities and values, and offer experiences they will praise. Digital strategist Brian Solis argues that you must engage in a new kind of 24-hour marketing to reach this new digitally “connected customer.” Transferring traditional marketing to interactive media isn’t enough. Instead, “design the experience” people have with your brand online so that every minute results in positive web commentary. Solis conveys the urgency of creating these encounters, though he doesn’t go into a lot of hands-on detail about how to do it. Most of his discussion stays on a theoretical level, and his few examples of best practices are short. Still, getAbstract recommends his conceptual arguments to marketers and customer service reps who aren’t digital natives as an excellent intro to a fresh marketing paradigm.

In this summary, you will learn

  • How digitally connected consumers influence each other’s buying decisions and
  • How to create positive experiences that turn your customers into your online advocates.


Customers are changing. How they make decisions, what sources they trust for guidance, the sales channels they prefer and what they expect from each transaction are all in transition. Firms that satisfy customers’ new expectations will thrive.

However, the factors...
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About the Author

A principal of the advisory firm Altimeter Group, Brian Solis is a digital analyst, sociologist and futurist. He also wrote Engage! and The End of Business as Usual; he blogs at

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