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Sales Presentation Techniques book summary
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Selling is an essential human activity, as basic as breathing and eating. People start selling (themselves, their ideas, their desires) from infancy onward. Effective sales techniques are universal. They are time-tested. They work. You can learn them and become a better salesperson. During the course of his career, corporate sales trainer Stephan Schiffman has trained more than half a million salespeople. He can teach you, too, how to sell. His book discusses proven presentation techniques that will help you close more business. Schiffman is in strong, constant demand because he has valuable information to offer – or, perhaps, because he is just great at selling. Either way, getAbstract believes you can benefit from learning what such an accomplished salesperson has to teach.

About the Author

Stephan Schiffman, an active sales trainer and speaker, is also the author of Cold Calling Techniques and Closing Techniques.



Selling Is a Process You Can Learn

The act of selling is not complex, complicated or idiosyncratic, yet each salesperson has his or her own special sales approach. The way you sell your product or service may differ radically from the way other salespeople sell their wares. But when it comes to the sales discipline itself, “universal truths” apply to all salespeople. Their five most common challenges are:

  1. Battling the status quo – A salesperson must fight through inertia and create change. Even if a prospect has been doing things a certain way for years, your job is to persuade that person to change his or her approach by purchasing your product.
  2. Avoiding the “catch-all generic show” – Your product may be great. Your sales pitch may be exciting and dynamic. But those details are immaterial to prospective buyers. You know what you want to sell, but do you know what people want to buy? To make a sale, focus your attention and energy on that question.
  3. Viewing sales as a process – Do not try to sell to potential clients as soon as you enter their offices. You must first...

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