A review of


A Brief History of Humankind

Yuval Noah HarariVintage • 2015

A Different History

by David Meyer

Best-selling author and thinker Yuval Noah Harari offers a different, learned perspective on the history of human beings.

Professor Yuval Noah Harari, PhD – a much-celebrated public intellectual – lectures at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. His books have sold more than 27 million copies in 60 languages worldwide. Never one to evade the big questions, Harari, in this New York Times number one bestseller, takes on nothing less than the history of the world.

The Wall Street Journal called this, “learned, thought-provoking and crisply written.” President Barack Obama said Harari’s ideas, “give you a sense of perspective on how briefly we’ve been on this Earth, how short things like agriculture and science have been around, and why it makes sense for us to not take them for granted.”

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