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What does one learn about work after 18 years in show business? Seth Meyers, host of NBC’s talk show Late Night with Seth Meyers, shares insights about how to manage effectively, especially when your team has big dreams and a high turnover rate. Saying good-bye can be a good thing, he suggests, even if you’re bidding farewell to valued employees. His wisdom, shared on the first episode of LinkedIn's podcast Hello Monday makes for good listening if you want to get the most out of employees who plan to move on.

About the Podcast

On LinkedIn's podcast Hello Monday,  senior editor at large Jessi Hempel explores how work is changing and how those changes affect workers. Seth Meyers is a comedian best-known for his work on Saturday Night Live and for hosting NBC's talk show Late Night with Seth Meyers.



Seth Meyers debuted on Saturday Night Live (SNL) in 2001, where he is perhaps best remembered as the straight man behind the desk on the “Weekend Update” segment. Since 2014, he’s been the host of NBC's talk show Late Night with Seth Meyers. After making the transition, Meyers had to balance what he was good at against a fear that plagues many actors: that he would get typecast and never get to play diverse roles. Meyers didn’t want to be “the Update guy” for the rest of his career, so he opened his late-night show with the traditional standing monologue. A year and a ...

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