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Side Hustle

From Idea to Income in 27 Days

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Chris Guillebeau’s idea is simple: keep your regular job and make extra money with a “side hustle.” He defines a hustle as a business venture that can generate profits but doesn’t demand excessive time. In this detailed manual, Guillebeau shows how to create an income-generating side hustle in 27 days. He covers hatching and evaluating business ideas; scoping out the competition; identifying your target market; designing a workflow process; and crafting compelling marketing messages. Guillebeau profiles several side hustlers who, in addition to holding down full-time jobs, made extra money through such ventures as running a pet-sitting service, importing cashmere clothing from Nepal and selling an astrological wall calendar. Guillebeau is an engaging writer with a friendly, enthusiastic tone. His book offers alternative plans for aspiring entrepreneurs and those who want a back-up to their day jobs.

Do the Hustle

Chris Guillebeau believes that creating a “side hustle” is a great way to enjoy the rewards of entrepreneurship without taking on all the risks and expense of running a full-time venture. In this model, Guillebeau describes how keep your regular job while pursuing a moneymaking project of your own. The trick – perhaps a greater trick than Guillebeau admits – is to come up with a business idea that demands only a manageable investment of time, money and labor.

Hustlers around the world are using such ventures to earn extra income. For instance, Guillebeau describes how a natural gas sales representative in Pennsylvania earned an extra $40,000 over three years as an “influencer,” posting items about various products and brands for her followers on Pinterest. A San Francisco software developer earns an extra $7,500 or so per month from an iPhone app he built that delivers information on Bay Area traffic conditions. And one former university employee earned enough from his side hustle as a guitar teacher that he was able to quit his day job.

About the Author

Writer and entrepreneur Chris Guillebeau  hosts the annual World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon, blogs at and hosts a daily Side Hustle School podcast.

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