Silicon Valley’s Equity Gap

Silicon Valley’s Equity Gap

Women Own Just 9%

Medium, 2018

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It’s no secret that women earn far less than men, even if they are in the same profession or have similar responsibilities. Perhaps not surprisingly, the gap is even wider when it comes to equity ownership in Silicon Valley. New research from venture capital group #Angels reveals that even though women make up one-third of employees and founders at start-ups, they hold just 9% of equity value. Entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and investors of all genders will find this an eye-opening read. 


The world’s best-known center for technology innovation is also a hub of inequality when it comes to giving women a share of the equity pie. To find out how large the gap in equity ownership is between men and women, analysts sifted through data from 6,000 Silicon Valley companies with almost $45 billion in total market value. They found that, even though one-third of founders and employees are female, women hold only 9% of corporate equity value. In other words, 91% of equity value rests in the hands of men. The 13% of founders who are female own just 6% of “founder equity value.” Women...

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#Angels is a venture capital firm based in San Francisco.

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